Tuesday, 15 June 2010

With many organisations having to reduce their overheads and balance the books, reducing energy spend is probably the least disruptive way to save money during financially difficult times.

In order to save energy, organisations generally have to spend money on upgrading installations so they perform in a more efficient manor. These upgrades can be expensive, but over the new installation’s lifetime, the savings can be enormous.

To help make things easier, ABB has launched a swappage scheme, allowing you to swap old drives and motors for new ABB products. The scheme covers drives from 0.12kW to 400kW and motors from 0.75kW to 710kW and gives those wishing to trade in their old equipment a minimum 17.5 percent discount off published list prices on a new ABB replacement.

Help is also available through The Carbon Trust in the guise of interest-free loans and enhanced capital allowances which, if required, can be applied for with the help of ABB’s channel partners located throughout the UK.

Through the savings achieved as a result of investment, organisations can pay back their Carbon Trust loans. With the addition of a minimum 17.5 percent swappage discount, businesses can reap the benefits of reducing energy bills faster then ever before.

For more information on the new ABB Swappage scheme, visit http://www.drives.co.uk/


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