Monday, 20 September 2010

 I was at a conference in January, with a room full of engineers of advancing years. What surprised me was that more than 50% of these guys owned iPhones. Given the slowness to embrace new technology by most firms, it came as quite a surprise to see so many users working their finger tricks to slide and glide through their screens flicking between emails, maps and other apps. Wow what a marketing opportunity, I thought. So I set about developing an energy calculator app. Not me personally - I don't even own an iPhone - but our clever lads in marketing took up the challenge. And so today I am pleased to announce that we have just created what I think is the first energy calculator app for variable speed drives, from any drives manufacturer.
If you are fortunate enough to own an iPhone then I urge you to get your hands on it by visiting iTunes - By inputting some basic data about your application you get to see the CO2, energy and cost savings possible. Let me know what you think below. However, being a fair man, I also had the other 50% of my January audience on my conscience. And you know what I came up with? A good old traditional slide rule. It's not as powerful as the app, but it certainly gives you an insight into how much energy can be saved by switching a direct-on-line motor over to variable speed control. There's also an interesting twist relating to light bulbs! If you'd like discover what this is then email and leave your address details and I'll send one to you. Happy calculating!


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