Wednesday, 13 October 2010

So, we have just had the Conservative party conference last week; Not exactly the most exciting or inspiring program I have ever seen, but I watched it all the same to get an idea of what might happen in the next round of spending cuts. Surprisingly it was not all bad news for industry. Some of our policy makers spoke about their green ambitions and made it clear they intend to support businesses that are doing their best to reduce their Carbon Footprint.

The government has stated its ambitions to be “the greenest government ever” and in doing so will have to set an example. The coalition will need to be proactive in terms of the policies they introduce and most importantly to the energy conscious businesses out there, maintain the support that is currently available for those willing to invest in their energy future.

Minister of State, Oliver Letwin, speaking at the conference insisted on the government moving forward with a range of proposals, such as the Green Investment Bank, Renewable Heat Incentive, Green Deal, feed-in tariff (FIT) and reforms to the Climate Change Levy, many of which where thought to be in danger of falling foul of the upcoming spending review.

These comments were welcomed by Dr Neil Bentley, CBI director for business environment, who views the statement as intent on the government’s behalf to engage with businesses on the need to tackle carbon emissions.

I don’t think we will manage to hold on to everything, but the signs are promising. It will be interesting to see what policies we are left with after the 20th October spending review, but Letwin has stated that we "will see the preservation of our carbon agenda and indeed the ability to follow it through." Lets hope this is true and industry can get on with driving forward the low carbon economy and forging the foundations of an economic recovery.


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