Wednesday, 8 December 2010

So, 193 countries are meeting in Cancun for a fortnight of climate negotiations in a bid to edge closer to a deal on climate change. Why does it also seem to be snowing heavily in the wealthy countries when these meetings occur? Despite this de-ja-vu, climate change is snow joke. 2010 was the warmest year on record and the world’s eyes will be on Cancun to see if any significant deal can be brokered.

Chris Huhne, the UK’s Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change has already played down the expectations of a breakthrough at Cancun. “We are not expecting a final agreement. The objective is to reinvigorate the talks. Success means getting the world to within shouting distance of a deal, keeping the show on the road and making practical progress on areas like forestry, finance and reduction commitments.”

Every year counties around the world meet in the hope of coming to an agreement on climate change and every year, not very much happens. To this day, there are still people that do not believe climate change is happening, despite expert opinion and the hordes of evidence to support it. However not believing that climate change exists is hardly an excuse to continue pumping fumes into the air, is it? Breathing polluted air and deforesting the earth’s lungs is bad for humans so how can it not be affecting everything else on the planet?

The technology to reduce emissions already exists and legislation should be put in place to make global industry adopt it. The only way this is going to happen is to force those responsible to make changes within their respective countries. Those that take a lead now could even see their countries becoming global leaders in “green technology” and with the general public beginning to look discerningly on industry and how they treat the environment, it’s only a matter of time before customers are demanding that the products they buy or the services they use have limited environmental impact.

Countries and large industry players need to do their part to reduce their emissions and in doing so, they may find that they are making more money as a result of going green. As it stands, we can not continue to pollute the planet as we are currently doing or we will tip the fragile balance of the environment and long for a time when we could have actually made a difference.


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