Tuesday, 2 August 2011

In May 2009 the government launched it's scrappage scheme for cars. The initiative was an attempt to reinvigorate the UK's ailing car industry by offering new car buyers a £2000 discount if they scrapped a car older than 10 years. The scheme provided the inspiration for ABB's own swappage scheme which we also launch in 2009. ABB and its drives and motors partners offer every user of a variable-speed drive and/or an electric motor an attractive discount - in this case at least 17.5 percent - should they swap their old drives or motors for new models from ABB?

Not only that, we would take away the old drive and motor and safely dispose of it to the latest environmental regulations.

But we did not stop there. For a small fee our UK wide team of independent drives and motors experts would rip out the old drive and motor and install the new model.

We call this the ABB swappage scheme. And full details can be found here: www.abb.co.uk/energy or here: www.drives.co.uk (click on the ABB banner on the homepage).

Well, four years later I am pleased to report that there is some truth in the saying imitation is the best form of flattery. I see some other players are capitalising on our success and launching their own scrappage schemes. But sadly they only cover one product - motors. And the benefits don't appear as comprehensive as the ABB swappage scheme. It's definitely worth a second look if you have not yet done so.... Click here...


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