Monday, 12 December 2011

By: Neil Ritchie, Local Business Unit Manager, LV Drives at ABB 

You might remember a while ago we launched an App for the IPhone…the ABB Energy Calculator App. So far it has had thousands of downloads and is continuing to show users the financial benefits of variable-speed drive control.
Now we have launched a BlackBerry version of the same App, so those of us who swear by our BlackBerrys, can discover how much a variable-speed drive can reduce energy costs.
The App allows you to calculate the energy savings you can achieve on a typical pump or fan load by replacing direct-on-line control with a variable-speed drive. By inputting some basic data about your application you get to find out how much you can reduce CO2 emissions, along with the energy and cost savings possible. The App is available to download on BlackBerry App world.
If you are more of an old-school engineer, we also have a traditional slide rule available. Although not as powerful as the App, the slide rule gives you an insight into how much you can reduce CO2 emissions and the energy cost savings you are likely to achieve. To get your slide rule, email and leave your address details so I can send one out in the post.