Tuesday, 10 April 2012

By: Neil Ritchie, Local Business Unit Manager, LV Drives at ABB
Energy minister, Greg Barker has announced details of changes to The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. A new simplified version could be up and running by April 2013 and when implemented, is set to cut administrative costs by almost two-thirds and generate savings of around £330 million up to 2030.

The scheme has long been deemed too complex by its participants and the changes will see a shortened CRC qualification process along with simplifying what counts as a supply; reducing the amount of reporting required by businesses.

The number of fuels covered by the scheme will be reduced from 29 to just four, which still represents 96 percent of total CRC emissions. Participants will also see government guidance replacing the performance league table.

Although I welcome the news that the scheme will be simplified, I believe that more needs to be done by the government to support companies in adopting energy efficient technology. ABB is doing its part by offering a range of guides that show businesses how to reduce CO2 as well as providing a free, no obligation energy appraisal that identifies applications where variable-speed drives and high efficiency motors can be installed.
If you are affected by the scheme, let us know what you think about the changes.


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