Wednesday, 30 May 2012

 Works management magazine, in conjunction with Benchmark Research have conducted their annual survey on behalf of ABB, in which the energy habits of UK manufacturing is exposed.

This is the third time the survey has been carried out in as many years and although there are encouraging signs that energy saving technology is beginning to play a role in business energy strategies, it appears that the focus of manufacturers is still a little misguided.

Over half of all organisations surveyed have experienced rises in energy costs over the year and some 26 percent of those surveyed had experienced rises of over 10 percent. Yet many manufacturers are still failing to identify technology that can offer significant energy cost savings.

Although more organisations are identifying energy saving technology such as variable-speed drives and high efficiency motors as a means to lowering energy costs, a large number of those surveyed are still trying to address energy spend through switching energy supplier or turning off unnecessary lighting.

Clearly there is a greater need to educate manufacturers on the benefits of energy saving technology and the government has its part to play in making businesses aware of the technology available. Yet a large proportion of those surveyed rate the overall direction of the government’s energy policy as “punitive”, and the vast majority feel that there has been no change in energy policy since Labour was in power, despite the coalition government’s mandate “to be the greenest government ever”.

The results make for interesting reading and clearly show that although attitudes to energy are changing, manufacturers need to be made aware of the choices that are open to them or risk wasting money on energy saving projects that don’t fit their specific needs.

If you are interested in reading the results of the survey, feel free to download it and let us know what you think.


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