Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Neil Ritchie, Local Business Unit Manager, Low Voltage AC Drives, ABB writes: Stuck for something to read on the train the other day, I picked up a copy of Metro. Flicking through, I came across a full page ad for an organisation called co2sense, which was offering £8,000 of EU funded grants and two days of consultancy for small companies trying to become more energy efficient and produce less waste.

Although this particular group only provides help for SMEs in Yorkshire and the Humber, it got me thinking about how companies in other regions of the UK might get funding for this kind of project. With cutbacks reducing the funding available through the Carbon Trust and the Regional Development Agencies now defunct, what else is offered at a local level?

A little digging took me to the GreenWise website (, which lists funding schemes by region.

One scheme that struck a chord with me was for companies in Northern Ireland, which can get grants of up to £10,000 to help them purchase variable-speed drives for applications such as pumps, fans and compressors.

If you are seeking to finance an energy saving project, why not look for schemes in your region – you could be surprised at the help that’s out there.


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