Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Neil Ritchie, Local Business Unit Manager, Low Voltage AC Drives, ABB writes: In a month when the economy has not grown as much as expected, some good economic news comes from across the pond – the UK has topped the table in a new energy efficiency ranking of the world’s 12 major economies.

Published by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), the first-ever International Energy Efficiency Scorecard puts us ahead of major economies like Germany, Japan and the rest of the EU, while the US itself has some catching up to do from ninth place. These 12 economies represent 63 percent of global energy consumption and 62 percent of the global carbon-dioxide equivalent emissions.

As well as coming top overall, the UK also came top for energy efficiency in industry and tied with Italy, China and Germany for transportation.

Why is this good economic news? The answer is in the words of ACEEE director Steven Nadel: “The UK and the leading economies of Europe are now well ahead of the United States when it comes to energy efficiency. This is significant because countries that use energy more efficiently require fewer resources to achieve the same goals, thus reducing costs, preserving valuable natural resources, and creating jobs.”

Yet, before we get too smug, the results show that there is still vast potential for improvements in energy efficiency - no country received a perfect score in any category.

We obviously need to keep up the good work and ensure that we continue to use the best energy saving techniques and technologies, both for our own prosperity and for the good of the country as a whole.


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