Friday, 24 August 2012

Ian Allan, Local Business Unit Manager - Motors & Generators, ABB writes: Since August 2, Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) can only be claimed for motors of efficiency level IE3 and above.

The changes effectively raise the minimum efficiency levels for which ECA can be claimed, from IE2 to IE3. This means it is no longer possible to claim under the ECA scheme for any IE2 motor order not invoiced before this date.

This change to the rules closes the anomaly whereby companies could claim tax relief on product that they have to use by law.

The government is clearly upping the stakes here and is determined that motor users should continually reduce their energy consumption.

With its extensive range of IE3 motors, ABB is well placed to serve the needs of motor users as they seek to improve their energy efficiency.

For more details of ABB high efficiency motors, see:


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