Friday, 11 January 2013

Neil Ritchie, Local Business Unit Manager, Low Voltage AC Drives, ABB writes: In today’s climate of rising energy prices, there is much debate among motor users about which efficiency standard is most cost effective for them – should they stick with IE2 or go for IE3?
Well, how about leapfrogging both of these and going directly to IE4? That’s what South Staffs Water did, using the world’s first IE4 synchronous reluctance motor and drive package (SynRM) from ABB to gain an additional 6 percent energy saving on an already highly efficient motor and drive application.
Using the existing IE2 motor and ABB drive, South Staffs Water (SSW) had already maximised the energy saving opportunities for their borehole pumping application but increasing energy prices had encouraged them to look for an even higher level of efficiency.
SSW jumped at the chance to be the first company in the UK to take advantage of IE4, with a motor that is specifically designed to work with a variable-speed drive.
With other benefits including greater reliability, lower heat loss, less noise and reduced maintenance costs, the ABB SynRM motor and drive package is now being considered for other sites in SSW’s supply area.


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