Wednesday, 9 April 2014

John Guthrie, Energy Efficiency Manager, ABB writes: The cost of equipment and installation and getting this past the senior management of any manufacturing company is always a contentious issue, especially given the slow pace of economic recovery and halt on investment this has inevitably created. The plant manager is looking to improve production efficiency and output by optimizing existing machinery, while the senior managers he reports to are being cautious with spending and are looking to control and reduce unnecessary costs.

This is a scenario we are all familiar with, and is one that you have to work to overcome to continue optimizing your production facilities to become as efficient as possible by being smarter in the investments in technology we make.

Senior management figures you have to convince about the investments you want to make have a set idea in their mind about the return they want on any investment in existing plant, and is typically less than 2 years.
Well the good news is, that returns on investment for solutions like variable-speed drives to help control motors and the energy they use more intelligently can be achieved in a matter of months and not years.

This is something that is certainly more amenable to senior management of a plant, especially if such a swift return on investment can also deliver cost savings through reduced energy costs. Such a short return on variable-speed control of motors is possible when you compare the cost of upgrading to this technology to the lifecycle cost of the motor itself.

The cost of electricity consumed by an electric motor accounts for 92 percent of its total lifecycle cost, with the purchase cost, installation and maintenance of that motor accounting for the remaining portions of its lifecycle cost. Given such a high cost in just electricity consumed by a motor, it then makes a variable-speed control system that can have a direct effect on significantly reducing this a much more worthwhile investment giving a much quicker payback.

Watch the ABB energy efficiency video to see how variable-speed drives can help you exploit the massive savings potential hidden in your production line.

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