Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ian Allan, ABB's UK Business Unit Manager for Motors and Generators, writes: Implementation of the IE3 regulations is getting closer. Quite simply from 1st January 2015, any motors that you replace will need to meet IE3 standards. Motors of efficiency class IE2 can also be used after the deadline provided that the motor is only operated using electronic speed control.

Those are the basic facts, but how do know when to make the switch over? Few companies know how to identify the motor-driven applications within their plant or processes that can benefit from a high efficiency motor or using one in combination with a variable-speed drive to achieve even higher savings.

Now is a good time to log your motors and find out which would benefit from being IE3. Should you do it now or wait until the nearer the deadline? What are the cost implications of scrapping existing low efficiency motors and going for higher efficiency ones?

These are all questions and issues that your regular motor supplier should be able to help you answer by offering an appraisal of your current motor set up and replacement practices.

Contact the ABB Energy & Productivity Team to book your motors appraisal and take the worry out of the changeover to IE3.


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