Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Neil Ritchie, General Manager, Drives & Controls, ABB writes: Food Manufacture’s editor Laurence Gibbons recently interviewed me about the food and drink industry’s failure to properly use existing equipment to save energy in production. You can watch the video interview here.

My main message is that throughout the F&B industry there are thousands of electric motors. Most of these, we find, are often running flat out unnecessarily or are over-dimensioned. Now when you hear that 60 percent of a plant’s electricity bill is consumed by the electric motor, then you’d think more people would be interested in learning about ways to control them. You can retrofit a variable-speed drive (saving between 20-50 percent of energy typically); you can replace your motors (IE3 are becoming mandatory) or you can simply turn off those that are simply not needed. But where do you start? Our recently launched Authorised Value Provider network has the answers. Call 07000 ABB AVP (07000 222 287) to find your hidden treasures.


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