Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Ian Allan, ABB's UK Business Unit Manager for Motors and Generators, writes: If you haven’t already done so, the impending IE3 regulations are an ideal opportunity to look at what your motors are costing you and what you can do to cut those costs down to size. From the beginning of 2015, electric motor manufacturers will be restricted to placing only IE3 motors on the market, or IE2 with a variable-speed drive, now is the time to look at the options.

Too many motor users focus on the initial purchase costs of their motors, yet a typical motor will, over its lifetime, consume 100 times more than its purchase price in energy costs alone.

In our personal lives we understand the costs associated with running a car. Not only do we consider the purchase price, but we also look at running costs such as fuel consumption, service, road tax and insurance. This allows us to understand the cost of owning the car and not just the cost of buying it. For example, although an IE3 motor carries a 15-20 percent premium compared to an equivalent IE2 motor, its increased efficiency will mean it has a payback time of around six months.

As well as energy, there are numerous other factors that affect a motor’s running costs throughout its life and bump up the true cost of ownership. Fail to take these into account at the outset and the actual total costs of owning that motor could be many thousands of pounds more than it needs to be.

Contact the ABB Energy and Productivity Team to book your motors appraisal and learn where your motors can deliver savings. 


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