Thursday, 28 August 2014

John Guthrie, Energy Efficiency Manager, ABB writes: ABB’s new drive, motors and mechanical power transmission catalogue for 2014 helps end users, simply and without fuss, understand the vast range of motors available from ABB, along with the features and legislation surrounding their use.

The ABB range of general performance motors and process performance motors are included in the catalogue along with IEC and NEMA motors.  An explanation on the latest EU MEPS and the differences these now bring in for users of electric motors is also included in the 2014 guide.

A range of IE2, IE3 and even IE4 motors are included in the catalogue to give a clear choice of the different variants available and how best to match them to the right application.

Hazardous area requirements are also covered, offering users a range of flameproof and non-sparking motors.  A guide to the marking and regulations covering use in explosive atmospheres is also included to ensure correct specification for the operating environment.
ABB's synchronous reluctance motor

ABB’s synchronous reluctance motor technology (SynRM) is showcased in the new 2014 guide, and offers end-users a range of IE4 efficient motors that can deliver significant energy savings and reduced energy bills thanks to its 96 percent efficiency level.

The SynRM motor range has increased further, with the 2014 catalogue now including smaller motors:
IE4 SynRM, cast iron frame sizes from 160 to 315 (11 to 315kW)
High output (HO) SynRM aluminium frame sizes from 90 to 132             (1.1 to 37kW)
High output (HO) SynRM cast iron frame sizes from 160 to 315
        (17 to 350kW)

The SynRM motor requires an ABB variable-speed drive to control the speed of the shaft and is offered in two matched packages; one with the ABB industrial drive, the ACS880, matched to an IE4 or high output motor and another with an ABB machinery drive, the ACS850, again matched to either an IE4 or high output SynRM motor.

The 96 page guide covers everything end users and OEMs will need from ABB and is available to order by calling the ABB BrochureLine on 0800 783 7491.  You can also visit the ABB website, to download your copy or you can e-mail the ABB team to request a printed copy.

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