Wednesday, 8 October 2014

John Guthrie, Energy Efficiency Manager, ABB writes: ABB’s new drive, motors and mechanical power transmission catalogue for 2014 is a guide to the latest in drive technology, energy efficient motors, and mechanical power transmission components such as mounted bearings, gearboxes and couplings.

The next generation of ABB industrial drives, the ACS880, are showcased in the new edition of the catalogue.  This range of variable-speed drives is the first low voltage AC drive to use ABB’s new common architecture that features the same control panel, harmonised parameters and functions, universal accessories and engineering tools.

The architecture brings faster commissioning, minimal operator training and a familiarity across all ABB drives to be launched in the future. The ACS880 power range and features have further increased.  Power is available up to 2,800 kW in cabinet build. IP55 and IP21 ranges are now available.

ABB’s synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM) motor is a new highly energy-efficient motor design that has no rotor windings. The motor therefore suffers virtually no rotor power losses, compared to a traditional squirrel cage motor, achieving lower temperatures, higher power density and greater efficiency levels.

The SynRM motor range has increased further, with the 2014 catalogue now including smaller motors:

IE4 SynRM, cast iron frame sizes from 160 to 315 (11 to 315kW)
High output (HO) SynRM, aluminium frame sizes from 90 to 132 (1.1 to 37kW)
High output (HO) SynRM cast iron frame sizes from 160 to 315 (17 to 350kW)

The SynRM motor requires an ABB variable-speed drive to control the speed of the shaft and is offered in two matched packages; one with the ABB industrial drive, ACS880, matched to an IE4 or high output motor and another with an ABB machinery drive, ACS850, again matched to either an IE4 or high output SynRM motor.

For the first time, the ABB catalogue includes the Dodge range of mechanical power transmission products, and a range of energy efficient gearboxes, a comprehensive range of mounted bearings and a selection of rigid and flexible shaft coupling options.  This brings most of the components you will need in the entire drive train of a machine into the one product guide.

The gearbox range includes the compact Quantis range that offers high power density in a small foot print with ratios from 1.5:1 to 300:1 and multiple configurations and mounting options, and extends up to the high torque capacity MagnaGearXTR parallel shaft gearboxes capable of handling torque capacities from 32 to 104kNm.

A range of easy-to-fit mounted bearings are included in the mechanical power transmission section of the new catalogue, with the Dodge Grip Tight® ball bearings and ISN spherical roller bearings featured.  These bearings use a special adapter sleeve mounting designed to give a secure fit to the shaft without the need for specialist tools to install and remove them from the shaft.  This makes bearings swap-out faster and simpler for end users.

A new safety PLC, the AC500-S, is featured in the 2014 catalogue and fulfils the highest safety requirements and standards. The PLC is TÜV certified up to SIL3 (IEC 62061) and PL e (ISO13849). Separate safety and non-safety application programming provides flexibility and scaleability for customised solutions by using the complete AC500 CPU range.  Integrating AC500 with ACS880 and other safety hardware from Jokab Safety, allows ABB to offer a full safety solution.

The 96 page guide covers everything end users and OEMs will need from ABB and is available to order by calling the ABB BrochureLine on 0800 783 7491.  You can also visit the ABB website, to download your copy or you can e-mail the ABB team to request a printed copy.

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