Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dave Hawley, ABB’s Local Business Unit Manager for Motors & Generators writes: While there has been much hullaballoo about the mandatory use of IE3 motors as from 1st January 2015, what is less well publicised is the role for the IE2 motor.

A quick recap: from January 1st 2015 the new European minimum energy performance standard (EU MEPS) came into force, when all motors between 7.5 and 375 kW must either meet IE3 efficiency levels or meet IE2 if fitted with a variable-speed drive.

There are three scenarios that must be considered, depending on how your IE2 motor is being used:

      1. IE2 motors presently installed and powering a motor-driven application
      2. IE2 motors not yet installed but purchased as stock, before 2015, and sitting on shelves waiting
          to be used
      3. IE2 motors placed into the market by motor manufacturers after January 1st 2015

Let’s start with scenario 1). If you are currently using IE2 motors on various applications then continue as you are. There is absolutely no need to remove the motors from service nor is there any need to retrofit a variable-speed drive. Should the motor fail or need repairing, only then do you need to consider the EU MEPS rules as defined by the following two scenarios.

Scenario 2). If you have already purchased IE2 motors as spares, then these motors will show a date of manufacture on the rating plate. Provided this date is before January 1st 2015, then you can place it onto a motor-driven application without any variable-speed drive. This also means that you can buy an IE2 motor from a distributor and use it without a drive, provided the date of manufacture is before 2015.

Scenario 3). However, if your IE2 motors fail and you don’t hold spares, and you have to buy a new motor, you have a couple of choices. Either replace the motor with an IE3 equivalent or use an IE2 motor manufactured after 1st January 2015 together with a variable-speed drive.

There is a fourth scenario… hand over your concerns to us. ABB is one of the few companies capable of making both drives and motors. As such handing over your motor-driven application parameters to ABB is the easiest way to obtain a motor or a matched pair of drive and motor.

To get advice on the recent EU MEPS changes, talk to the ABB motors team on 07000 MOTORS, that’s 07000 668677


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