Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Neil Ritchie, ABB's Division Manager, Discrete Automation & Motion UK & Ireland, writes: You can do anything with mobile apps these days – play games online, organise your shopping list, save Birmingham from losing its water supply, the list is endless.

If you did a double take at that last one, then maybe you haven’t heard about ABB’s drive registration app.

Drive registration is a new, free service offered by ABB for its low voltage AC drives. Available to anyone that owns or services a drive, registering a drive gets you timely advice about services that will help extend the life time of the installation.

Registering is easy - simply download the app to a smart phone from either the App Store or Google Play using the search term “ABB Drive Services” or  click here to register online.

The app will ask for data like the drive’s serial number and location, as well as contact details and applications. Once complete, you have fast access to product manuals and customer support, without all that tedious web searching.

Drive registration saved Birmingham from a water shortage when a fuse blew one morning in one of the 250 kW pump drives serving the city. Because the drive had been registered, all it took was a quick call to ABB’s authorised value provider Sentridge. All the drive’s details were on the database, so Sentridge were able to send the right fuse by 4.00 pm and it was fitted that evening.

Whether you’re an end-user, machine builder, OEM, panel builder or system integrator, drive registration has something to offer – you may not end up saving a city’s water supply, but it could save you a lot of hassle.

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