Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Stuart Foster, ABB’s Water Industry Manager writes: The pace that technology is developing in electric motors and variable-speed drives (VSDs) could be leaving many water utilities with out-dated and inefficient pumping technical specifications.

Over the last 40 years, variable-speed drives have evolved significantly, with more efficient designs and manufacturing techniques delivering superior motor control and increased efficiency.  What’s more, the in-built functions of a VSD, like soft pipe filling and pump cleaning, are designed specifically with water utility applications in mind.

A new checklist from ABB aimed at water consultants, designers and engineers, identifies these key technology developments that help cut energy bills by up to 70 percent, help prevent leakage and optimise maintenance.

Copies of the checklist for water consultants, designers and engineers can be ordered by sending an e-mail to with the subject line ‘water checklist’.

The checklist is divided into three areas: product benefits, service benefits and technical advice, to give water utility professionals a complete guide to all of the products, tools and services available to support variable-speed drives in water applications.

Keeping up with how all of these new features and services work can be a struggle for many in the industry, so a dedicated section is included on variable-speed drive training.  It contains e-learning, one-to-one courses, tutorials and how-to videos that explain drives help get the best out of your pump, fan or compressor applications.

To find out more about how ABB can help keep your pumping specs up-to-date, talk to the ABB drives team on 07000 DRIVES, that’s 07000 374837

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