Thursday, 4 June 2015

Dave Hawley, ABB's UK General Manager for motors & generatorswrites: With so much to remember when specifying a motor it can become a challenge to get the insulation class, cooling and mounting options right; especially off the top of your head!

That’s why my team has produced a pocket guide that contains all the main electric motor designation options you need to have on-hand for such specification dilemmas.

IEC and NEMA motor designations are included in the pocket guide, with the front of the guide detailing the cooling types and duty cycles according to both IEC and NEMA standards.  A diagram is used to explain the cooling markings found on IEC motors and breaks down their meanings, with detailed explanations and images to illustrate the differences across both standards.

Duty cycles for electric motors under IEC and NEMA standards are also explained, and on the reverse side of the guide insulations standards with the relevant permitted temperature rises are detailed.  The different mounting arrangement options for both motor standards are included, with diagrams and type codes set out to make specifying the correct options more straight forward.

A suite of 4 motor pocket guides are available:

  1. IEC and NEMA motor dimensions pocket guide
  2. ABB motor designations pocket guide
  3. ABB hazardous area motor pocket guide
  4. Industrial world voltages pocket guide

You can order your suite of pocket guides by sending an e-mail to with ‘Pocket Guides’ in the subject line.

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