Friday, 17 July 2015

Dave Hawley, ABB’s General Manager for Motors & Generatorswrites: With as many motors available as there are applications on your production line, choosing the correct electric motor can be a headache. 

It is common to have to carry around a motors catalogue, or spend time running back and forth with bits of paper with motor nameplate details on to match the correct dimensions to the application.

With ABB’s motor dimensions pocket guide, you won’t have to do that anymore!  The fold-up paper guide contains a quick reference chart with all the motor sizes available and is small enough to carry with you onsite.  Its small size does not mean key information has had to be left out, it is still comprehensive and allows you to specify the correct size motor for your equipment with ease.

The guide has a bar chart on one side showing all of the IEC and NEMA ranges available from ABB along with frame sizes and colour coding to show the efficiency classes.

Covered in the dimensions chart are the IEC range of general performance, process performance and hazardous area motors along with NEMA general performance, severe duty and explosion proof variants.

The reverse of the pocket guide contains a dimensions table and diagram that shows end-users a comparison of IEC and NEMA motor power ratings, frame sizes and mounting dimensions.  The table helps end-users compare this size and power data to make change-over to or swap-out of IEC and NEMA motors straight forward.

A suite of 4 motor pocket guides are available:
  1. IEC and NEMA motor dimensions pocket guide
  2. ABB motor designations pocket guide
  3. ABB hazardous area motor pocket guide
  4. Industrial world voltages pocket guide

You can order your suite of pocket guides by sending an e-mail with ‘Pocket Guides’ in the subject line.

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