Friday, 23 October 2015

Dave Hawley, ABB's UK General Manager for motors & generators writesIt may sound obvious, but not all motors are the same. At ABB we build motors for all sorts of different purposes, across an almost limitless number of industries. These motors have to be designed to different specifications depending on what’s required of them, and so whilst the principle of the motor might be the same, a motor for one application will not necessarily be suitable for another.

ABB’s range of WIMES compliant motors is designed specifically for use in the water and wastewater industries. WIMES stands for Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specification, and is a standard developed in partnership with 17 of the most prominent water companies in the UK.

What’s in these specifications?

WIMES sets out the minimum standards for energy efficiency, life-cycle cost, build quality and environmental protection for low-voltage motors. Or more specifically…
  • Energy efficiency – WIMES lays down minimum efficiencies for 2, 4 and 6 pole electric motors up to 1,000 kW. These efficiencies are equivalent to IE3.
  • Build quality – A WIMES motor must be robust, with a good level of protection against the harsh environment encountered in water and wastewater applications. The motors must be able to meet the continuous duty cycles common in this industry. A WIMES compliant motor needs to be equipped with a high IP rating and have seals in place to protect the internal bearings and other components within the motor against the ingress of contaminants.
  • Environmental protection – Electric motors used in the water and wastewater industry need to have a low environmental impact with low noise levels, low running costs and low maintenance costs. Ultimately this leads to a much lower overall cost of ownership.
What makes these motors different?

These motors are packed with features designed to meet the challenging conditions found in the water and wastewater industries. Some of these features include:
  • Windings designed to meet or exceed IE3 or IE4 efficiency levels, resulting in reduced losses, cooler running and longer life-cycles for bearings and insulation.
  • V-ring and labyrinth seals to protect bearings and internal components from ingress of harmful materials.
  • PTC thermistors contained within the windings to protect against overheating. Larger motors are fitted with PT100 temperature sensors for additional protection in accordance with WIMES specifications.
  • Heating elements fitted within the windings, with drain holes in the stator frame, to protect the motor from the effects of condensation.
  • Steel fan covers and stainless steel rating plates to withstand outdoor conditions.
You can download our water and wastewater motors brochure by clicking here, or alternatively a free hard copy can be obtained simply by emailing, or calling our BrochureLine on 0800 783 7491.

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