Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Dave Hawley, ABB's UK General Manager for motors & generators, writes: Compliance to latest energy efficiency standards and providing constant process improvements is becoming an ever more difficult challenge for many organisations.  This is particularly true in manufacturing businesses, where management are waking up to the fact that process optimisation measures can deliver just as significant savings opportunities as energy efficiency projects.

Process industries can now balance these efficiency and productivity demands by installing a matched motor and variable-speed drive (VSD) package.

A package approach brings together the latest highly efficient, magnet-free motor design that has fewer losses within the motor, with the latest in variable-speed control technology that delivers  intelligent process control and integrated safety functions in a single unit.

A synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) design and a variable-speed control system package allows energy consumption to be reduced while providing the accurate process control to deliver optimised production conditions.

ABB’s SynRM motor comes in two packages, the first is a motor which is the same size as a standard IE2 induction motor but operates at IE4 efficiency levels.  The second variant is called “High Output” (HO), which is roughly two frame sizes smaller for the same equivalent power compared to induction motors and still maintains IE3 energy efficiency levels.

These variants help end users and OEMs achieve better power density and higher energy efficiency in their applications. In addition, lower temperatures mean longer bearing life and longer re-greasing intervals which extends the time between maintenance interventions. Compared to permanent magnet motors, the design choice currently favoured to deliver greater efficiency, SynRM is lighter, less expensive and easier to repair but still gives the same performance levels.  This makes SynRM a much more cost effective solution overall than permanent magnet design motors.

A variable-speed drive is required to control ABB’s SynRM motor range and come in variants for specific industry sectors; the drive for water and wastewater applications, the ACQ810 available in 0.37 to 500 kW power ratings, the ABB industrial drive, ACS880 with rated power from 0.55 to 2800 kW and the ABB machinery drive, ACS850 with a power range from 0.37 to 560 kW.

These VSDs, compatible with ABB SynRM motors, have a range of in-built features that deliver accurate and reliable process control, such as direct torque control (DTC) designed for highly accurate motor torque and speed, safe torque-off to allow for reliable isolation for maintenance, built-in safety features to comply with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive, and advanced programming tools for fine-tuning the drive to meet specific process requirements.

A SynRM and VSD package can be specified by an ABB engineer or one of our authorised value providers across the UK.  They can ensure the right package is installed and commissioned according to your exact requirements and application duty cycles.

You can specify your SynRM and VSD package by contacting your local ABB authorised value provider on 07000 ABB AVP, that’s 07000 222 287.

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