Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Graham Barlow, ABB's UK Manager, Power Electronics writes: What would you do if you were trying to sell energy saving kit to customers?

Perhaps the best way would be to use it yourself and put it on show in your plant, so prospective customers could see it working and producing real benefits right there in front of them.

This method was ideal for Halcyon Drives, which wanted to sell more of its energy saving ABB variable-speed drives.

Halcyon fitted 120 solar panels on their roof, with the ABB solar inverter that ties them all together installed right in their showroom for everyone to see.

The result is 30 kW of free power, capable of running all the heating, lighting and machine tools used in Halcyon’s factory. With a power requirement that can be as low as 2 kW, there is often lots to spare to export to the grid. The total cost of the installation was £31,000, an investment that Halcyon expects to recover on electricity savings alone in two and a half years.

At the heart of the system is the ABB TRIO 27.6. Although sited in the company’s demonstration area, its IP65 protection makes it suitable for installation on a roof.

The TRIO has a wide range of voltage inputs, from 300 V to 850 V, providing choice for the number of solar panel strings to use. This makes the TRIO suitable for a large number of roof sizes.

Yet, its flexibility doesn’t end there. The TRIO is designed so that it can have half the strings on one side of a roof and half on another, allowing the system designer to account for roofs with different slopes or which face different directions.

With protection options that avoid the need for a separate protection module, as well as a heat sink to provide unforced ventilation, making maintenance easier, the TRIO is almost a fit and forget answer for self-generated solar power.

As Halcyon’s Marketing Director Martin Rhodes says: “Our business is selling energy saving variable-speed drives. With the ABB TRIO we can show that we are truly committed to reducing our energy costs by generating our own and have faith in ABB products.”

And you can’t get a better endorsement than that.

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