Wednesday, 18 November 2015

John Guthrie, Energy Efficiency Manager, ABB writesThe list of ESOS assessment bodies has been announced, with 13 companies identified as being able to provide a fully qualified auditor to carry out your ESOS audit.

However, there is expected to be a requirement for more than 10,000 audits to be carried out across the UK.  As the number of ESOS lead assessors currently stands, it sees one auditor to cover ESOS audits for 89 companies. With this in mind, there is a huge question to be asked around whether the deadline is achievable for compliance to the scheme.

The Environment Agency has itself admitted that the scheme is running to a tight schedule, but has stood  firm in re-confirming that companies must make every effort to comply with the scheme by the 5th December 2015 deadline.  Fines will still be issued to non-compliant companies, unless significant effort can be proven that those business have tried to do everything they can to comply in-time.  So there is no wriggling out of this one for businesses!

This shows that despite the feedback from businesses claiming that ESOS will flounder, ESOS is very much a scheme the UK government is behind and one that businesses must grit their teeth and get on with.  There is no indication of a deadline extension or leniency on businesses that do not take it seriously.

The good news is that compliance can still be achieved in-time, if companies act now and get their ESOS assessor appointed immediately from the approved registers.  Business owners also need to take action themselves to step-up energy management measures and get as much data in the bag ahead of the ESOS deadline as possible.

Most businesses in the UK will be covered by at least one, or several energy efficiency based schemes such as Green Deal Assessments, Display Energy Certificates and CRC Energy Efficiency scheme.  The data collected as part of these schemes can be used to help you comply with an ESOS audit.

Regardless of the level of information and data available to businesses around energy use, having access to detailed energy audits of existing installed equipment and systems is key to complying with energy efficiency schemes no matter how they work.  There will inevitably be gaps in energy usage data that these audits will have to be used to fill.

To find out more about ESOS, discuss your energy usage and how best to audit it, contact the ABB Energy & Productivity team.

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