Monday, 31 July 2017

Martin Richardson, ABB's Water Framework Manager, writes: With TOTEX playing such a large role in water companies’ thinking these days, it’s no wonder that they are relying more and more on variable speed drives, or VSDs. With their ability to run motors at the correct speed for the demand, they are a vital weapon in the battle to cut costs.

Yet, like any piece of equipment, it pays to set it up correctly if you want it to give you the best performance.

Take televisions in a shop – have you ever noticed that the images on some sets are sharper than others? Well, there’s a very simple reason: someone has taken the time – and had the know-how – to set it up properly.

It’s no different with a VSD. Install it correctly and update the parameter settings regularly and you stand the best chance of getting the optimum performance from your VSD throughout its life.

If a VSD isn’t set up properly from the start or the system changes, the pump it controls may not work as well as you might expect. Often, site engineers tinker with the set-up, making adjustments without a full understanding of how this can affect the overall system – as the saying goes, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

You need your VSD to have top reliability from day one, so leave the parameter settings to the vendor, or its authorised value provider, and ensure they are checked at least annually as part of a proactive maintenance schedule.

Getting properly set up from the start and keeping your VSD in order is a big step on the way to great savings.

To discover more ways to improve the reliability of pump systems, visit ABB’s dedicated reliability webpage.

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